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InTeMIS was an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project which had as a main objective to train VET teachers and trainers in the use of the most innovative teaching strategies and to implement in VET schools and Centers the Flipped Learning Methodology,  focusing on a specific topic: “English language learning”. The objective was also to  improve teacher and students  digital literacy and  increase motivation of both students and teachers, enhance academic success,  improve social skills of students, make students love their school and lessons so to contribute to reduce early school leaving and, generally, to develop  schools’ teaching and learning.
The project has produced several results which support effectively VET teachers and trainers who would like to implement the Flipped Learning Methodology in their classroom. These results are the following:
Comparative Research on innovative education in Europe: The research is aimed at giving an overview of the innvoative education in European Countries, with a specific focus on the application of Flipped Classroom Methodology in the Countries of the Partnership of IN.TE. M.I.S.: Italy, Iceland, Portugal, Greece and Spain.
Guidelines for blended Learning: The Guidelines for the Implementation of blended learning environments have been developed by the project partnership to support teachers and trainers in knowing more about the Flipped Learning and helping them in adopting and implementing it in their learning environments.
E-Learning Course: E-learning platform which includes a presentation of flipped learning, guidelines & tools, methods & materials, information on the project and many e.xtra resources
The project has also gathered many useful resources related with flipped learning.
The project was implemented by a consortium comprised by 7 partners coming from 6 European countries. It was coordinated by Leonardo da Vinci VET school in Piazza Armerina, Italy. Besides Action Synergy, representing Greece, in the consortium participated also Essenia UETP from Italy, Inercia Digital from Spain, Trollaskagi Comprehensive College in North Iceland, Keilir from Iceland and Universidade Portucalense from Portugal.
The project has organised also a series of events which can be followed here:
1st Transnational Meeting in Piazza Armerina, Italy
2nd Transnational Meeting in Porto, Portugal
3rd Transnational Meeting in Iceland
Training Seminar in Athens
Final Conference in Salerno
To learn more about the project visit the website and the facebook page