The project Learning without borders: Podcasting across the wider Europe was a 2 year project funded by the Leonardo da Vinci- Partnerships programme which ahad as a main aim to familiarize students of 5 countries (UK, Greece, Poland, Romania and Latvia) with the use of audio and video podcasts for education purposes. Coordinator of the project was the Leeds City College from UK and Action Synergy has participated as a partner.
Current European research shows that a flexible approach to learning is favoured by a growing number of students who need to fit working life within the framework of learning new skills; in addition, older members of the workforce wish to engage in life long learning. For many people full-time attendance at a local training organisation is problematic due to disability, geographical location or working patterns. The aim of the project was to develop Educational Podcasting (audio/media broadcasting over the internet) to enable these learners to gain knowledge through part-time attendance whilst maintaining the personal support of a tutor.
The five partners, from Greece, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Poland and the UK have met regularly over the life of the project to develop the product, evaluate activities, plan tasks and resolve issues. In the second year of the project, trainees have also been involved in these meetings to ensure the successful piloting of the project. Effective communication between meetings has be ensured via e-mail, video conferencing, on-line meetings and a project blog.
The majority of the podcasts that are presented in the blog of the project have been developed by the students of the project which have enhanced their technological together with their cultural skills.