Action Synergy is participating as a partner in the transnational strategic partnership CiSoTRA. CiSoTRA aims to develop and pilot a model of a multi-actor support network, which bridges the current gap in the support of unaccompanied minors in transition to young adulthood. The network will take care that the current breach of rationale between the youth support system and the general support and education system relevant for migrants is overcome. This will be done by multi actor cooperation to make sure that unaccompanied minors are introduced to relevant civic, social and personal competences early on (from 14 years old), that professionals that work with them have needed knowledge and skills; that shortcomings of knowledge, particularly in critical subjects like the language of the host country, math and life and labour market competences are compensated and that the support is ongoing as need, until at least 25yr age and/or a successful integration.

Unsuccessful transitions increase the danger of radicalisation, social deprivation, continuing dependence, underused human potential, delinquency and violence. Therefore making sure that all potential transitions of this group (integration to host country, transfer to other country, safe return to country of origin when possible) are successful, is of critical importance for the well-being and human rights of the young migrants as well as for the social and economic benefit of the host countries and the countries of origin.

You can follow the news of the project below:

Invitation to participate in the final conference (in Greek)