The SMEs in Europe constitute the core of the European economy but only a few of them have exporting activity. The increase of the exporting activity of the SMEs has been considered as one of the main ways for Europe in order to get out of the financial crisis. The E-EMPORIO project aims to contribute to the development of the export skills of the staff that is working in SMEs by providing them with complete, qualitative, results-oriented and practice-oriented e-learning contents that will be accessible through internet from any place at any time.
Some of the e-learning contents and training methodology are transferred by a previous Leonardo project called “text-e” which has been awarded as a best practoce Leonardo project in Turkey. The main target group is the staff that is working in SMEs but also another target group is unemployed people who are willing to develop their skills in order to find an employment or open an SME.
The main project activities were the following:
– development of practice-oriented, results-oriented and competence based e-learning contents especially developed in order to increase the skills of SMEs staff in exports taking into consideration the specificities of each partner country.
– transfer of these e-learning courses also to mobile phone applications.
– organisation of e-learning courses in order to develop the export skills and competencies of SMEs and unemployed.
– provision of certification for the skills and competencies that are going to be obtained through the e-learning platform.
The project is implemented by a consortium of 7 partners in 6 countries (Greece, Romania, Cyprus, Turkey, Latvia and Spain). It is coordinated by the National Council of Private Small and Medium Enterprises in Romania.
Registrations for the e-learning courses can be made online.
More information about the project can be found at the website of the project.