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LAMOS EU is a transnational project which aims to support transnational labor mobility and adaptability of employees / workers / individuals in foreign / international environment. Action Synergy has participated in the LAMOS EU project as a partner.
The main outcomes of the project are the following:
1) Regional Research Analysis Report developed to identify and analyse the national needs in the field of transnational labour mobility and adaptability of employees / workers / individuals in foreign environment, to assist the development of project outputs and that suitable levels of stakeholder & user engagement are achieved throughout the project (including during end-user validation) in the partner countries;
2) Model of working with people interested in transnational labour mobility / support scheme before the mobility and assistance in adaptation in foreign workplace – from the stage of intention to the adaptation in a foreign country; Available also in Greek.
3) ICT Tool for assessment of capability and readiness for transnational labour mobility – the ICT tool to measure and diagnose the individual readiness for transnational labour mobility, providing with accurate information about the areas needed to be developed and improved; the ICT tool will be used by trainers and counsellors in their daily work;
4) Programme Toolkit – MOBILITY aiming at preparation of individuals (employees and unemployed) for transnational labour mobility & – ADAPT – Training programme and materials, Guide for employers focused on how to adapt an foreign employee in new environment, how to conduct coaching, mentoring towards a new employee from another country / to enhance the adaptation of individuals/employees in foreign environment – workplace, country, culture, etc. Here you can have access to the learner manual, the learner workbook and the trainer handbook in English. For the Greek version, you can find here the learner manual, the learner workbook and the trainer handbook.
The partnership consists of 5 organizations from 5 EU countries (Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Poland and Spain). The project is financed by the Cyprus National Agency of the Erasmus+ Programme (KA2 Strategic Partnerships). It is coordinated by Eurosuccess Consulting from Cyprus. The other partners included Inercia Digital (Spain), OIC Poland Foundation (Poland) and ABU (Academy for Career Development and Re-training) (Germany). The project was implemented between December 2016 and November 2018.
All outputs are available in English, Greek, Polish, German and Spanish. More information about the project can be found in the project’s website and the project’s facebook page.
Here are the news related with the LAMOS EU project:
Below, there are the newsletters of the project:
Newsletter 1 in English and Greek
Newsletter 2 in English  and Greek
Newsletter 3 in Greek and English
Newsletter 4 in Greek and English
Newsletter 5 in English and Greek
The results of the project are summarised also in the project’s final brochure