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The EU BULLY project, funded by DG JUSTICE, has been developed to support teachers to address bullying with young people in schools, youth groups etc.
The project intends to make a difference within the education system in the UK, Ireland, Greece and Romania through:
– better trained teachers and support staff to address bullying in all its forms.
– better trained staff to support young people and their parents, carers, guardians and wider family and friends networks to address bullying.
– greater confidence in using drama techniques at school in and outside of the classroom to create safe places to discuss bullying and other contentious issues.
– offering greater flexibility for teachers to use apps developed for mobile technologies.
– improving the content of anti-bullying programmes on offer in schools.
– improved knowledge of the frequency of cyber bullying taking place.
– reducing the disparity in knowledge, skills and understanding between countries in the partnership in regard to bullying and its impact.
Drama sessions and support for teachers in all partner countries are complemented by a specially developed play and a video of the play, to be released soon. In addition teachers can utilise the EU BULLY Quiz and Research survey in their lessons as resources to support their anti-bullying approach.
The app enables people of all ages to learn virtually about bullying. The EU BULLY quiz tests understanding about what types of bullying take place, challenges attitudes to bullying scenarios and how to stay safe online. Users can be self-directed, peer-directed (via competitive challenges) or teacher-directed. This means that teachers and students have a high degree of flexibility in terms of utilising the game in class or outside school. The 24 hour unrestricted access to content enables the quiz to also be picked up by young people on their own accord, to test their knowledge and reconsider their attitudes towards bullying, and roles of victims, bystanders and bullies.
The EUBULLY Quiz is available here – registration required.
This research app is another simple, quick activity that can enhance an anti-bullying activity. It also offers young people the opportunity to contribute to a European wide research project that highlights the scope and nature of cyberbullying today. This resource can be used by children from eight years and above. The research survey app is accessible online and can be downloaded as an app on to iOS and Android devices. This research tool enables young people affected by bullying to speak up about their experiences in the safety of anonymity; the data collected is completely anonymous and is stored in a protected database. The number of bullying incidents online are then reported through a database, and is published on the EU BULLY site, giving real time data on how widespread bullying is across Europe.
The Research survey can be found here and is also available to download on the App Store and Google Play.
Click here to see the booklet created both in this form as well as printed.
Inspired by Insite Drama methodology, and following its application, the students of 1st High School (Lyceion) of Aspropyrgos had their idea to produce a video. The idea was to put in a small video, the exploration that took place before.
More information can be found at the website of the project.