Roma Matrix photo
Roma MATRIX was set up in 2013 to develop actions at local, national and European levels to tackle discrimination towards Roma and promote inclusion. It was a 2 year project co-funded by DG Justice Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme.
At the time, Roma MATRIX was the largest transnational cross-sector Roma project in Europe with 20 partner organisations across 10 EU Member States including local and regional authorities, Roma organisations, NGOs and universities.
Action Synergy participated as a partner in this project which was coordinated by Migration Yorkshire (Leeds City Council).
Actions and priorities
Roma MATRIX tackles multiple areas of discrimination and exclusion, starting by identifying local need and moving on to provide a targeted range of coordinated activities.
The broad areas of work include:
– Tackling discrimination and anti-Gypsyism head on, by providing support to victims and improving understanding, reporting and redress for all.
– Increasing social inclusion and challenging inequalities through work with Roma and non-Roma, children and adults.
– Improving understanding of the difficulties and successes in the field of inclusion, through research across Europe that investigates real life practice and experiences as well as policy frameworks.
– Changing attitudes towards Roma by moving the narrative away from the stereotypes and towards “seeing the person”.
– Building partnerships and bringing Roma and non-Roma together.
The project was completed on March 2015.
For more information, please visit the website of the project.