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Olive oil is the central component of the Mediterranean diet and the countries around the Mediterranean sea have the largest production of olive oil in the world. Οlive oil represents a big part of the exporting activity of these countries in the agricultural sector. However, there is a growing trend in the international market towards the organic products and there is a growing need that the production from the part of the Mediterranean producers is able to match this need.
Organic olive oil is a high quality product with high value compared to other types of olive oil and it is certified by the competent quality bodies in each Member State. In order to be able to produce and sell successfully organic olive oil, there is a need to support the training of production entities of organic olive oil, members of agricultural cooperatives and managers of companies working on the conversion of conventional oil production forms into production of olive oil through organic farming.
This will be achieved through the training of members of Agricultural cooperative and executives of production companies, and they in turn will train farmers in the following fields:
– Preparation and management of the olive grove’s soil and the maintenance and improvement of soil fertility.
– Organic fertilization of the olive grove.
– Plant protection of the olive grove. Measures of protection against pests and diseases.
– Harvest and transport techniques.
– The production of olive oil with natural methods at a suitable temperature without the use of chemical solvents.
– The packaging, maintenance and transportation of organic olive oil.
– The labeling of organic olive oil.
– Exporting Organic Olive Oil
The training will be realized through the use of e-learning and m-learning and addressed to members and managers of agricultural cooperatives and companies in order to enable them to guide farmers in the production and certification of organic olive oil.
ECOLIVE is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for VET project which is implemented with the participation of 6 organisation from 4 countries (Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and Italy). It is coordinated by Izmir Abigem from Turkey.
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