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EMME was a project co-funded by the Leonardo – Transfer of Innovation Programme of the European Commission which had as a main aim to transfer and adapt to three different European countries the model, methodology and results implemented in the frame of “Management Forum” initiative, which was launched by Fondirigenti at a national level with the purpose of analysing, detecting and communicating the characteristics of Italian business and management style.
The EMME project was born out of the will to transfer a “Made in Italy” initiative in countries other than Italy (Spain, Greece and Romania). The model that was at the heart of the transfer is the one developed by the Management Forum which is a project of analysis, in-depth study and dissemination of management culture which has now reached its third year of activity.
The initiative intended to transfer the structure, methodology and tools adopted from the MF in the three European partners with the goal of reproducing the model and making it usable in different contexts and territories.
The EMME project had the following goals: 1) to transfer, update and match, also linguistically, the MF model to other realities; 2) to integrate the model with specific contents; 3) to disseminate and guarantee the use of the tools, operative modes and training contents by other national and European realities.
The elements that were made transferable were the following: research tools, guidelines for the definition of distinguishing features; grids for the identification of strong and weak points of management; structured questionnaires; lists of key issues for the conduction of focus groups.
By transferring the MF model it was made possible to promote a broader comparison on management culture, the strong and weak points of the competences that managers of innovative SMEs’ must have in order to positively impact the competitive success of their organization and the local development.
The project was implemented by a consortium of 6 partners in 4 countries (Italy, Greece, Spain, Romania). It was coordinated by Fondazione Fondirigenti and Action Synergy participated as partner.
More information can be found at the page of the project in the ADAM Database.