From Peer to Peer was a European Erasmus + project that provided support and tools to schools that address situations of bullying and discrimination, affecting the proper growth and development of students.
The project has developed an e-learning course addressed to teachers called “Educational methodologies combating discrimination, segregation and bullying” in which various methodologies for the prevention and fighting of bullying are examined. These methodologies include: Municipal program of coexistence and emotional well-being, Character education to prevent school bullying from an early age, Use of the robotics to prevent bullying, Educational drama, Psycho-education about bullying within the framework of classroom activities, Overcoming bullying with new authority.
The project has developed also a study related with the state of the art of bulying in Europe. This study is combined with two infographics, one for adults and one for kids.

The project was coordinated by the Municipality of Ibi in Spain. Together with Action Synergy, the partners of the project included Wesley Janos School from Hungary, UCLL Leuven Limburg University from Belgium, Arad County School from Romania, University of Coimbra from Portugal and Europole from Italy. It was implemented from 2016-2018.
The project was characterised as a good practice by School Education Gateway
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