Current Projects

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EFIVOS- Encouraging and Fostering Inclusive Values among youth by Increasing awareness and enhancing Knowledge and Skills requirements in a digital erawww.efivos.eu
KINESIS: School and Community Based Sports for the Social Inclusion of Vulnerable Target Groups
DIVERSE: Promotion of democratic values and diversity in schools through Creative Drama and Fairy Tales
EAR: Forming active European Citizens through the Dialectical Method and Theatre
LEGREBI: The Legend of Great Birthhttp://www.legrebi.eu
DiVET: Joint Qualifications Exports Specialists via Internet and Social Media
CULTVET- Joint Qualification in the field of Cultural Tourism
IMMIJOBS- Building the Capacity of Intermediary Organizations to Support the Employment of Third Country Nationals
CISOTRA: Civil Society for social inclusion of unaccompanied minors in transition to adulthood – learning communities for shaping transition interfaces
Understanding my Journey: Supporting Soft Skills Development for Young People
Upskilling adults 45+
INLESSON: Innovative teaching and learning practice in the field of professions in beauty sector
Change the Change
ASSESS: ASSessing EFL StudentS
STARTUP: Promotion of entrepreneurship among young people with disabilities
DisArTY: Restoring Disaster Area through Community Based Tourism Youth-Led
AESOP: Capacity Building through Oral Tradition and intangible cultural heritage
MEDIACT: Media as a tool for peace building and conflict transformation in youth work
EDACate-European Dialogue for Active Citizenship

Completed Projects

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SEDIN- Creative Methods for Successful Inclusion in Multicultural Schools
yMIND- Youth MIND Education: Youth Migrants’/Minorities’ Inclusion, Non-violence, Diversity Education
EAPPREN- Capacity Building for Intermediary Organisations through e-learning
ECOLIVE- Training for the Production of Organic Olive Oil
#PlayEurope- Edugames for Active Citizenship
CLEAR- Creative Learning
LAMOS EU- European Labor Mobility Support
LIB(e)RO- Setting up an e-Learning Platform to Promote Public Libraries as Intercultural Learning Environment for Refugees
Safer Places Hopeful Refugees
INTEMIS- INnovative TEaching Method for an Inclusive School
From peer to peer- European schools cooperating to be bullying-free”–
DigiTrAin- Enhancing transversal and digital skills to promote innovative blended training strategies in Adult Education
CULTURLU- Cultural Luggage
CULTY- cultural tourism for youth
Start Upcycling
S-FEST- Youth-led Tourism through Street Festivals
ABA – Our New View in Special Education
SEEWBAN- South Eastern Europe Women Business Angels Network
AGRO- Sustainable Agricultural Entrepreneurship for Young Workers in Africa and Europe
ATHLISI- Promotion of Social Integration through the training of coaches and sport clubs
T-Bridges- Capacity Building for Youth Workers to bring tourism bridges between Africa and Europe
Finally – Financial Literacy for the Roma
EUBULLY – Changing Cyberbullying and bullying behaviour
V-GAME – Vocational Training in Programming Skills using a Game-Based Approach
AQUASYN – University Enterprise Collaboration in the field of the Bottled Water
DI-XL – Dissemination and Exploitation via Libraries: For Success and Sustainability of LLP results
DRYMOS – New Skills for New Jobs in the Forest Sector
CREDNET – Network for the Accreditation of the Managerial Skills
E-SUNET – Sustainable Network for the Families of Disabled People through E-Learning
EUGANGS – New skills and competences to address skills gaps and mismatch within the sectors working with Gang and Youth Crime across Europe
GLOSSA 2 – Training of Greek Language Online Teachers
MLEARN – Training teachers to use mobile (handheld) technologies within mainstream school education
MMLT – Montessori Methodology in Language Training
SEDRIN – School Education for Roma Integration
TERNO – Teachers’ Education for Roma New Opportunities in School
GLOSSA – Greek as a Vehicle for Promoting Linguistic Diversity
CLAP- Convicts Liberty Aid Project
E-EMPORIO – Increase SMEs export skills through e-learning
METIKOS – Informal Language Learning for Immigrants
NIREAS – Development of Digital Contents for the Operator of Wastewater Treatment Plants
Roma Source – Sharing of Understanding Rights & Citizenship in Europe
Roma T&T – Roma Teaching and Training
SUN.COM – Sustainable Networking through a Language Learning Community
UETPNET – Promoting the collaboration between universities and enterprises through online tools