E-SUNET photo
E-Sunet (Sustainable Network for the families of the disabled people through e-learning) is a European funded project which aims to develop a network and supporting material in order to support the families of the people with disability through distance learning courses and through an interactive communication platform.
The main activities of the project are the following:
– Research on the learning material that is already existing for family learning.
– Development of e-learning courses for family learning in the context of disability. The main emphasis of the course is on self-determination. In this framework, the core topics that are addressed in the E-SUNET course are the following: Individual Autonomy, Self-Regulation, Psychological Empowerment and Self-Realisation. The courses are also used for the training of the disabled people themselves in order to be able to look better at themselves or to give better instruction to the people that take care of them.
– Development of face to face seminars with families of people with disabilities on the topic of self-determination.
– Development of networking between relevant institutions in each country for the support of the families with disabled persons.
The project is promoted by RTD TALOS and coordinated by Action Synergy. It is being implemented by a consortium of 9 partners from 8 countries (Cyprus, Greece, Italy, France, Austria, Spain, Romania and Bulgaria).
The project has started in 2013 and was completed on November 2015.
For more information, you can visit the project website.
You can follow also the facebook page of the project.