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DisArTY (Restoring Disaster Area through Community Based Tourism Youth-Led) project is an Erasmus+ Capacity Building for Youth project which aims to promote the cooperation between Europe, Latin America and Asia in the field of youth and explore the potential of youth work in order to increase social entrepreneurship and employability of the young people in the field of community based tourism which represents a great potential for them and represent an important tool for restoring the areas damaged by natural disaster.
The project aims to facilitate countries affected by natural disasters to develop strategies that guarantee the recovery of their human activity. These strategies will be based on community-based youth-led activities because they involve the communities that control, manage and develop their own tourism industry and represent a sector in which specially young people have an important role to play as the most dynamic and innovative part of this field.
The project activities will be based on the identification and valorization of local community assets that could be used in order to achieve sustainable tourism that will benefit local communities of disaster areas. In order to promote this objective, DisArTY project will organize four main activity clusters:
First, research on the principles and best practices related with community based tourism with local youth. This research will also include the identification of important local assets that could be valorised for a tourism related product in each of the local communities that the partners are going to focus their activities on.
Second, the enhancement of skills and competencies of youth workers in the field of community based tourism and youth entrepreneurship within the framework of three international exchanges in Italy, Mexico and Philippines.
Third, the development of innovative community based tourism offers at local level with active involvement of youth, many with few opportunities and/or hit or threatened by unemployment caused by the disaster.
Fourth, the creation of networks and information for entrepreneurial training, business plan development and community based social entrepreneurship. It will include the development of material for an eLearning course offered for youth and a new platform with contacts of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship tutors.
It is expected that more than 100 youth workers from all the partner countries are going to be involved in the activities of the project both through the participation in the transnational training events and the participation in the e-learning course that the project is going to develop. The project is going to be implemented by a consortium that includes 5 partners from 2 European countries (Italy, Greece), 1 Asian (Philippines) and one Latin American country (Mexico). Action Synergy participates in the project as a partner. The project is coordinated by RAS Foundation from Italy.