DI-XL photo
DI-XL was a project co-financed by the Lifelong Learning Programme (KA4 – Dissemination projects) which had as a main aim to develop an effective and sustainable model for dissemination of LLP results via libraries, to test the model and describe the results.
This model aimed to introduce the cooperation between libraries and lifelong learning organisations as an effective dissemination model for thise who implement lifelong learning projects.
The model is described in the publication Libraries as Powerful Partners in Dissemination and Exploitation of Results of Lifelong Learning Projects. The model was implemented for the effective dissemination of various projects in cooperation with different librraies across the partner countries.
In Greece, the main libraries that have participated in the implementation of the model were the library of Kozani and the library of Kastoria.
The project was implented by a consortium of 7 partners from 5 countries. It was promoted by the National Library of Latvia, it was coordinated by Baltic Bright and Action Synergy has participated as a partner.
More information you can find in the website of the project, the page in LinkedIn and the page of the project in facebook.