GLOSSA 2 Final Conference
GLOSSA II – Training of Greek language online teachers is a Lifelong Learning project, coordinated by Action Synergy, which aims to train language teachers or prospective language teachers on how to teach online the Greek language in a non-formal environment.
More specifically, the project is developing:
– A methodology on online language teaching which is going to be relevant also for other less used European languages.
– A practice based tutor training using an innovative 3-phases technique, which combines face to face workshops, online training with observation of real online synchronous and asynchronous courses and real tutoring of students of B1 level.
РA full online e-learning course for the B1 level of the Greek language which is for students all over the world wishing to continue online their study of the Greek language.
The project has a huge impact in times of crisis, as the Greek State is not able now to support the teaching and learning Greek through sending Greek teachers abroad and train them how to teach. On the other hand, this will have impact on the sustainability of the Greek communities abroad, as not only they could be able to offer quality courses to their members but also to strengthen their ties with the host countries residents.
The project partners include Greek communities abroad, language departments of universities, language schools and organisations expert in e-learning. See partners.
GLOSSA 2 project started on December 2013 and it is going to be completed by the end of December 2015.
For more information, please visit the website of the project.
You can follow also the facebook page of the project.