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European Dialogue for Active Citizenship EDAcate is a project that follows a cross-sectoral approach interpreted in order to collect, review and publish new and innovative approaches in the training on Active citizenship as al tear down borders between the education sectors and to facilitate a more open, innovative training and teaching.
The project seeks to create an evaluation grid for identifying best practice in citizenship building and collect those practices in a method handbook. This handbook will act as a tool-box for trainers, teacher and other facilitators in order to create innovative and tested instructions all over Europe and across all educational sectors.
The project will run for two years and will consist out of a number of multinational meetings (each partner will organize one) where good practice methods are presented and discussed.
The project will be organized in a series of multinational meetings at every partner organization. At every meeting the partners will present two good practice examples of participative methods or used methods in defining the active citizens in addtion to projects/ good practices in the field of non-formal and formal education. All methods will be documented, collected and published at the end of the project. In order to identify the good practices, the partnership will collect indicators and create an evaluation grid to identify good practices. The grid and the method handbook will be open accessible and should be used by institutions from all education sectors in formal and non-formal learning. The project can be understood as a pre-assessment of the needs to create and test European curricula in active citizenship building through high level dialogue.
Through sharing good practices of participation and active citizenship, EDACate seek impact on all administrative, organizational and educative levels.
The project is implemented in the framework of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education program and coordinated by the German organisation Intercultural Youth Dialogue Association IYDA e.V. Action Synergy is participating as partner.