ADCOMP photo
ADCOMP (Mechanisms for adjusting of professional competencies in long term care services) was a project funded through the Lifelong Learning Programme (Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation) which supported the professional training and accreditation of the people that are working in the long term care services.
The project intended to develop mechanisms for attracting the unemployed people to the long term care sector, offering them necessary training and qualifications in order to be able to carry out their work. On another side, the aim was to attract the employed people, especially women 45+ from precarious and temporary and/or seasonal jobs (tourism sector, for example) and upgrade their competencies in order to pass from one sector to another.
The project has developed the following products:
– A platform for the analysis of the needs and potential of the long term care sector
– Analysis of the professional profiles in different long term care services
– Comparative Study on jobs and training needs within the sector
– E-Learning course for professionals working in the long term care sector
The methodological approach was in accordance with the European Credit System for VET (ECVET) which aims both to foster interfacing and acceptance of the differences between Member States as well as the attesting of learning achievements and training outcomes in different contexts thus fostering professional mobility and the accumulation of learning achievements in different parts of the EU. ADCOMP project has used the web tool in order to define the competencies of auxiliary worker in the care sector and eLearning platform for developing the training contents for the profile.
This project was coordinated by Consulting Balear de Programacion from Spain and Action Synergy has participated as a partner.