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“Finally” is a Lifelong Learning Grundtvig project which has as a main aim to raise the level of financial literacy among Roma adults and be informed about different consumer services.
First, by applying uniform methodology we researched in all partner countries what is the knowledge of the Roma in this field. We carried out guided interviews with individual Roma, two focus groups of professionals dealing with Roma issues and important representatives of the Roma community. In addition, by studying different literature we researched how mostly educated Roma successfully manage their family finances.
Based on this research we developed an educational programme on how to efficiently manage the family finances, be an informed consumer, save money and shop wisely etc. It is accompanied by learning and teaching resources, adapted to the needs of the Roma minority and focused on gaining practical skills to ensure better quality of life.
The programme and learning tools is being tested through pilot actions, improved and published in all languages of the partners at the end of the project.
Action Synergy is a partner in this project which is coordinated by Development and Education Centre Novo Mesto (Slovenia).
The project is going to be completed by the end of November 2015.
More information can be found in the website of the project.