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The Legend of Great Birth is a project implemented in the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 and aims to promote through the use of theatre the common European Mythological heritage, more particularly in relation with the Myth of Creation.
Mythology is a very important part of the intangible cultural heritage of Europe. It is consisted of a complex system of stories that are transferred from generation to generation and form a very significant basis of the identity of every country. Mythology hides the deep and rich past of every people, its traditions and in the same time it forms its future. It forms its social consciousness and it is a connecting element between its citizens. It is an ark that hides its traditions, its customs from metaphysical, pagan elements to customs of everyday life until our present times.
The project is going to present about 60 performances (totally) based on a common scenario that includes elements of the mythological traditions from all over Europe (Greek, Latin, Celtic, Nordic, Slavic, Dacian). This common scenario is going to be put in the scene in 6 different countries and performed in local language by local actors.
The structure of LeGreBi is built around a central event which is the theater performance around mythology as intangible cultural heritage together with many other activities. The programme of activities is consisted of various sub-events that address many forms and many categories of audience. These events are support events that are going to be organized inside the theatre (such as costume exhibitions, visual art creation, workshops etc) but also support tools that can be used also outside the theatre such a web portal and a publication always focusing on the myths of creation and underlying their common elements.
The project is also going to develop an e-learning course in order to build the capacity of the professionals.
The project is coordinated by Aeroploio theatre and is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme.