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After the economic crisis of 2008 many cuts have been made in the welfare state of the countries members. Not only affecting the current projects, also this have had a great impact in investigation and development. Almost there is no space for continuing developing and studying techniques that could improve the lives of many citizens in the European Union.
The evolution of the understanding of autism during the last years have evolved quickly. ABA is a therapy that have been obtaining very good results in many countries through veterans institutions involved, but in many of them only by a private way. So, one of the aims of the project is to enable ABA therapy use in education system, involving national and international experience.
ABA therapy is very important because not only can be used in children with autism education in very early stages of their formation, but also wide applicability in working with children with mental retardation, with social, emotional and behavioral disorder as it’s very important in children with disorders education.
The project will reunite professionals, apprentices, institutions, children and families in order to achieve a better understatement of the therapy by all the parts lead to better information about ABA therapy and communication technology (ICT) based services for education.
“ABA – our new view in special education” is based on the use of a variety of equipment, tools, etc. provided by the partners involved in this project and will be available nationally and internationally, to end-users.
On that basis, the impact of the project will be as follows:
At a local level schools will have better qualified and aware education staff regarding ABA therapy in education, also ICT using in qualifications.
At the local level is expected that the products resulting from this project will be used not only by the end-users such by the entities participating in the project, teachers, parents and other education providers directly through the website or by visiting the entities involved in the project, bearing in mind the objective of the project to help improve the quality of ABA education and ICT inclusion in trainers qualification growth.
At a national and European level the transnational cooperation between education and training providers and other stakeholders in the field of ABA therapy integration in education enhance awareness through the enhanced dissemination of good practices and cooperation among European schools and education staff community.
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