glossa final conference
GLOSSA is a European Union education project within the Lifelong Learning Program KA2 Languages which had as a main aim to develop an e-learning course and relevant resources for the C1 & C2 levels of the Greek language.
Action Synergy was the coordinator of the project which was characterized as a best practice by the European Union.
In the framework of the project there were produced:
2 methodologies for learning in online environments (advanced level language learning & autonomous learning) which are transferable to other European languages.
– An e-learning course for the Greek language at C1 & C2 levels (CEF).
– A common European professional profile for language teachers teaching adults in online environments.
– An accreditation tool for language teaching skills in non-formal and informal environment.
The project lasted for 3 years (2009-2012) and has been implemented by partners with a wide experience in online language learning. See partners.
From January 2013 onwards, the GLOSSA project partners offer Greek Language courses to students interested in C1 and C2 levels, at a low cost.
Fees are 300 euro and include:
– 5 months of online courses through the GLOSSA educational platform – with a 2-week break after the first two and a half months.
– plus one month for feedback and personal reviewing.
– one hour/week synchronous online course through Skype.
– personal support to each student.
– certificate of attendance or certificate of successful completion.
For more information please visit the project website.
You can follow also the facebook page of the project.