MEMORY project aims to build the capacity of Youth Workers through the Identification, Valorization and Promotion of Local Collective Memory. The main objective is to develop the skills of the youth workers to create job opportunities for young people on the basis of the collective memories. This will be implemented by using collective memory of each place through a non formal learning for young people.

In that context, young people are motivated to participate in decision making for their community and intergenerational learning is promoted. They will learn how to be team-leaders in order to engage community to the memory collection process and inspire young people to explore new routes for getting a job, without cutting off by local history of their communities.

The project outline is constituted by 3 mobility activities, an e-learning course, a production of a methodology ebook, a mobile app, 4 local festivals, a closing conference and the dissemination phase. The activities will be using a combination of non-formal and informal learning methods. The project activities will be divided into 3 steps:

a) Identification b) Valorisation c) Promotion and Application.


Main focus will be put in the creation of tools, provision of training, exchange of best practices and application of the knowledge obtained related to Identification of Collective Memory.

Prior to the First Mobility, a Mobile Memory App will be produced, that will be used as part of the first mobility of Vietnam.

In the end of STEP 1, young people from local communities will have to collect memories that will be used in the next steps of the project.


Focus will be put into Valorisation of Collective Memory and of creation the local brand of each local community.

In Peru, the second training will focus in different ways of adding value to the identified memories.

In the end of STEP 2, young people from local communities will have to create the local brand of the local community that will be used in the next steps of the project.


Main emphasis will be put in Promotion of Collective Memory and Application of knowledge gained throughout the project.

In the framework of the last mobility in Greece, a local Festival of Memories will be organized with active participation of the youth workers. This Festival of Memory will be the model for organizing similar Local Festivals in the communities of the other partners. On the parallel, the last day of the third mobility, a Conference will be organized in order to spread the methodology and outcomes of the project.

Final products of the MEMORY project will be an ebook and an e-learning course with the methodology of the project.

Memory App: