Metikos 2 photo
METIKOS 2 is an Erasmus+ (KA2 – Strategic Partnership) project which aims to adapt the methodology developed by the METIKOS project regarding the use of informal methodologies for language learning to immigrants and low-skills citizens, including adults 50+ with a focus to labor market language.
The project contributes to the raising of the key competences and skills of adults needed to be active members of the society and in the labour market. It also contributes to the promotion of equality and social cohesion, to the improvement of the quality of education and of the equal opportunities for groups with fewer opportunities and requiring special support. It also contributes to the dissemination and exploitation of project results and to open access to educational materials.
Target Groups
– immigrants who already exist in the community, often operate on the labour market, often stay in the host country for their families, their children attend the schools in the host country, they are already familiar with the realities of the culture and language of the host country in the way that enables easy communication, often hold a work permit and a residence permit. They lack sufficient knowledge of the language associated with the labour market;
– people from host communities, which have low qualifications on the labour market, low awareness of the labour market and they are therefore threatened by unemployment, or even remain unemployed persons; the particular attention is devoted to persons over the age of 50 years old.
Project Products
Informal Learning Tools: cyber cafe, language cafe and the tandem method are the tools that allow the target groups to learn host country language: Polish, Slovak and Greek related to the labour market without incurring the high costs of participation in the courses. These tools facilitate informal learning, which does not require high financial expenditures from the participants.
Action Synergy is participating as a partner to the METIKOS 2 project which is coordinated by the Ad Meritum Foundation from Poland.
The methodology that the project has published is available here.
For more information, you can visit the website of the project.