The project “Change the Change” is aiming to improve the educational offer related with climate change in order to include non-privileged adults.

The conventional educational offers on these topics do not reach non-privileged adults at all or they reach them only inadequately. This project brings four organisations from Bulgaria, Germany, Greece and Italy together which work with citizens ‘at the margin’ of society, mainly in suburban areas of big cities. The partners aim to empower adult educators who work with non-privileged learners through exchange of good practices.

Each organisation contributes through its expertise so that the consortium combines participative civic education approaches with social work, community development, art (photography) and ICT skills. The exchange results in a MOOC for adult trainers and interested volunteers who mainly act in a context of precarity and social difficulties.

The ‘changing the change’ education is going to follow a multi-level approach. In this project, this includes a) activities to foster a general understanding of what climate change means and the profound transformation of our societies it will bring, thus coping with complexity, enhancing critical thinking in particular to right-wing answers and climate change denials, strengthening European cooperation and peaceful conflict solving. It also includes b) exploring fields of activities to counteract climate change regarding one’s own behaviour and projects which might be put in practice locally by its citizens.

The project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme (KA2- Exchange of Best practices). It is coordinated by the German organisation Weltgewandt and as partners, together with Action Synergy, participate HESED from Bulgaria and Corviale Domani from Italy.

More information can be found at the website of the project

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1st Transnational Meeting of the Change the Change project in Sofia

2nd Transnational Meeting in Corviale, Rome