EFIVOS project aims to empower young migrants to run and manage their own electronic newspaper and thus take media in their own hands.

EFIVOS is upscaling a local Greek project where young migrants run their own newspaper called “Migratory Birds”. In the framework of this project, all the articles as well as the management of the newspaper were written by the young migrants themselves with the support of a team of media professionals. The newspaper is being distributed every two months as a supplement of a major Greek newspaper (Efimerida ton Syntakton).

In the process of upscaling, the project aims to transfer this practice in 5 other countries and swift the focus from traditional media to digital media. The main objective of the project is to empower young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to equally participate in today’s information society and make their voice heard.

Through this process, EFIVOS is aiming to increase media literacy and digital media skills of the disadvantaged young people through their empowerment to run and manage their own digital media. It is also aiming to increase the skills of professionals to implement digital media training programs that will be effective for the specific target group.

The project has developed a method on the training of disadvantaged youth in digital media. Then it is going to organise training for professionals and training for the youth. At the end the disadvantaged youth will be empowered to manage their own media.

EFIVOS project is being coordinated by the Greek NGO Network for the Rights of the Child. In addition to Action Synergy, the partners that participate include Dedalus from Italy, Medien+bildung.com from Germany, C.I.P. / Citizens In Power from Cyprus, Mobilizing Expertise from Sweden and Inercia Digital from Spain.

More information about the project can be found at the website and the facebook page of the project.

Here you can follow the project’s developments:

1st Project Newsletter (Spring 2020)