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The project LANGUP is an Erasmus+ Capacity Building for Youth project which aims to promote the knowledge of local and minority languages and link them with the increase of the employability of the young people. The focus of the project is on the role of youth work to raise the awareness of these opportunities, to support the young people to valorise them and to support intergenerational learning which is a key factor in this process.
The project is implemented by a consortium composed by partners from Portugal, Argentina, Peru, Greece and the Netherlands.
In the framework of the project three capacity building courses for youth workers are going to be organised (in Portugal, Argentina and Peru). Also an e-learning course is going to be developed in order to extend the training also to youth workers that are not able to follow the online courses. Moreover, a research is going to be organised in each country in order to evaluate the minority language situation and legal status. Also, there are going to be organised cultural events for the promotion of minority languages, there are going to be developed awareness raising videos in the minority language (with subtitles in all the languages of the partnership plus English) and recordings of songs in local language which are then going to be published on the web.
Capacities necessaries to promote with the media their cultural roots are going to be build; a space to valorise the cultural characteristics related to each minority language is going to take place. All these are activities are going to be available for an international public through the website, Facebook page in many other media in order to multiply its effect beyond the project duration. At the end of the project the young people involved are expected to improve their employability through the valorisation of the asset of their local/ minority language.
The project is coordinated by CIDLeS and Action Synergy is participating as a partner.
Learn more about the project on the website and follow it on facebook.