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Action Synergy is participating as an external expert to the SEEWBAN project which aims to promote the business angels funding model for women entrepreneurs in South East Europe.
The project is focusing on the development of Women Business Angels networks in 7 different countries: Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy and UK (region of Scotland). The project activities are going to cover all these 7 countries but the focus will be placed in the countries of South East Europe that are participating in the consortium because there the need is more intense. The project is going to benefit from the transfer of experience and expertise from more experienced countries (mainly UK and Italy) to less experienced ones. E-learning activities will be used in combination with traditional ones for the development of the skills of both WBAs and Women Entrepreneurs (WEs).
It is expected that as a result of the project an amount of 2.400.000 will be invested in new WEs. The main activities of the project are going to be the following: 1) Creation of WBA consortia. The project partners are going to develop their network in order to include local/regional and national stakeholders, already existing initiatives and other consortia. 2) Survey on key obstacles, challenges and success factors of WBAs through desk and field research. 3) Provide information about the WBAs members of the consortium and facilitate transnational community cooperation via the WEgate. 4) Recruitment of WBAs. 5) Development and delivery of training and mentoring programs for the recruited WBAs and exchange of best practices. The training will be delivered through face to face learning and e-learning. 6) Organisation of training on pitching and relevant business strategies for women entrepreneurs. 7) Organisation of pitching events. 16 pitching events will be organised in the 7 partner countries. 8) Communication Strategy: The results of the project will be appropriately communicated to the target group in order to attract more participants. 9) Exit Strategy – Community cooperation and development sustainability.
The project is co-funded by DG GROW and is coordinated by the Federation of Enterprises and Industries of the Peloponnese and Western Greece. More information will be available through the official portal of the European Commission for the promotion of women entrepreneurship WEGATE.