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ATHLISI project (Promotion of social integration through the training of the coaches and sport clubs) aims to promote the social inclusion of children from disadvantaged target groups (Roma immigrants, children from low socioeconomic background) through their increased participation in sport activities in the framework of the activities of the sport clubs.
The involvement of the local sport clubs is a very important element in order to achieve these objectives since, on the contrary of the organization of occasional sport events, it ensures sustainability of the project activities and long term impact.
In order to achieve the objective, the ATHLISI project proposes as the most adequate solution the training of the representatives of the sport clubs and the coaches in issues related with the role of the sport clubs in issues related with social integration and the promotion of the cooperation of the sport clubs with the local community.
Through their training, the sport clubs and the coaches will be more able to work with the local community and they are going to be more able to attract to their clubs members of disadvantaged target groups and to integrate them in the activities of the club.
The training is going to be organised through the use of face to face seminars and e-learning. The option of e-learning was introduced in the project in order to expand the geographical scope of the project and involve in the training sport clubs and coaches from different regions and countries. 60 representatives of sport clubs and coaches are expected to participate in the training activities from the partner countries and 15 from outside the partner countries (through e-learning).
After the end of the training, the participants are going to be asked to implement in practice their new skills and knowledge acquired through the training and integrate in the activities of their sport clubs children from disadvantaged target groups (with the support of the project partners). It is expected that 100 children are going to be involved in the activities of sport clubs.
The project ATHLISI is co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme in the framework of the 2016 European Week of Sport. It is implemented by a consortium of 7 partners from 6 countries (Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Cyprus, Malta and Bulgaria) and coordinated by Irodoros, the Municipal Organisation for Social Solidarity and Sport of the Municipality of Megara.