Well – youth project

The focus is on providing support resources to address the well-being of unemployed young people, disrupted by the pandemic crisis of COVID-19, by developing skills and competencies to combat social stress, anxiety due to lack of work, developing financial education skills for efficient and optimal management of financial resources, developing the ability to know how to manage time to face all social challenges, strengthening the ability to interact/communicate with others and actively participate in the life of society. Doing so intends to provide youths with the necessary tools and competencies to develop their well-being/mental health and innovative solutions to face new risks and challenges, both in personal, educational, and professional contexts.

The project is also aimed at youth workers who are also facing these pandemic challenges of their target group, so we want to create a methodology adapted to the new pandemic and digital context that offers optimal solutions to facilitate quality education & social inclusion has given the new standards in all educational contexts: formal, informal& non-formal. The new methodological and curriculum design and component for career guidance that the Well-Youth project aims to develop takes into account all these motivating aspects for youth: the curriculum adapted to the hybrid environment with a dedicated strategy (teaching methods, form of organization, tools, and support materials) in order to create a new educational climate adapted to the current requirements of society and focused on finding optimal solutions to support the well-being and mental health of unemployed youth affected by COVID-19.

Vicky Vafakou (FP2P – Leuven)

vafakou cover
We shared an excellent experience during the training of the European Erasmus+ project From Peer to Peer that took place in Leuven, Belgium from September 30th to October 8th of 2017. During those nine days organized by Melanie Van Oort, we exchanged, in a very effective and lively way, educational methodologies that focused on better education from the point of view of social inclusion, combating discrimination, segregation and bullying.