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I had the opportunity to take part in this beautiful project, S-FEST, in Baía das Gatas, a small village in Cape Verde, Africa. It was so motivating and hopeful to be around all the people that were gathered there to help this small community.
Some of the houses there had been renovated with plumbing, insulation, electricity and other basic facilities and hopefully more houses will get too. As a final touch, we the artists, painted the facades and we hope in our way that we have helped too.
The title of the wall I painted is “Casa d’ Arlinda” named after the owner of the house, Arlinda, a single mom who raises her kids with difficulties but also with a lot of love!
b. in Cape Verde for S-FEST
b. in Cape Verde for S-FEST
Volunteers, artists and organizations from all over the world were there to cooperate with the local people of the community and to share feelings and ideas about art, food, dance, culture and more. Personally I am also glad that I talked with people of the village and saw their everyday life up close. They are facing a lot of difficulties, but I hope that the work we have done there will help them to start growing in many levels as I saw that a lot of young people have the potential to evolve.
Thank you Action Synergy and all the team for inviting me to participate and to all these wonderful people that we have met there and also a big thanks to the volunteers that helped me paint the mural in the village.
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You can read the article on the S-FEST festival in Cape Verde here and visit the project website here.

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