Action Synergy organized this hybrid project meeting in Athens from November 22-23, 2021. Representatives from the partners from Austria, Greece, and Romania were present in Athens while the representatives from Bulgaria, Italy and Malta participated online.

The meeting was used to report on the progress of the National teacher trainings in the implementing countries Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, and Romania and to discuss the structure, template, and deadlines of the Trainings’ evaluation reports which will evaluate these trainings as well as to elaborate on the upcoming piloting at the participating schools.

In the afternoon of the first meeting day, our Greek partner organized a workshop on the EAR Methodology: Socratic Dialogue and Theatre Techniques to approach social issues in secondary schools for the partners who were present. The EAR project is another Erasmus+ project by Action Synergy and aims at introducing the dialectical method in school education as a key feature that promotes the active participation of students in a democratic society with the support of theatre techniques. The dialectical method is not only promoting the critical thinking of the students, but it allows the connection of everyday life with wider concepts and notions (such as humanism, justice, freedom etc.) that are fundamental. More information on the EAR project can be found at the project website.

On the second meeting day, sessions on the SEEVAL Manual (social and emotional education program of activities focused on the development of the social and emotional competences in secondary school students through a whole school approach), on quality assurance, on dissemination, and on the Open Educational Resources Platform were held.

More information on the project can be found on the SEEVAL website and on the SEEVAL Facebook account.

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