There are many things that play a role when you decide if your job was “good” or “bad” in retrospective. The salary, the work environment, the subject and the responsibilities of your position, and the company culture are some of them.
In my spell with Action Synergy, all these requirements for a “good” job were satisfied, more than enough for me. One factor however, plays the biggest role, at least for me. The people you work with, the people that you spend a good portion of your day with, the people with whom you have to go through good and bad, the people with whom you can be serious and professional, but also share a laugh. The people of Action were the best colleagues anyone could hope for. Not only did they welcome me like a member of their family, but they also showed me that you can be professional, punctual, and work at a high level, but also look forward to going to work every day. I was given many opportunities to take initiative, develop myself and discover new strengths. I will carry the lessons in being a perfect colleague and cultivating a great work environment from Alexandros, Dominikos, Kostas, Natassa, Maria, Katerina and Giorgos for the rest of my career. Thank you!
Michalis Schinoplokakis worked with Action Synergy for five months through Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.