In the framework of the ASSESS project, from the 14th till the 16th of December, there was organised in Athens a training for English language teachers related with new methods for assessment and teaching of English as a foreign language. The training took place in “Stratos Vassilikos” hotel and involved around 20 people from 5 countries (Greece, Germany, Turkey, Spain and Portugal).

Following, the ice-breaking session and the introduction to the project, the training started with sociometric exercises and small group discussions aiming to facilitate the participants to exchange views and experiences in relation with the most common problems and challenges in assessing English as a foreign language as well as the development of the curriculum.

Interactive activities have allowed the participants to test the handbooks and the online exam creator that were developed by the project as well as other online tools that could support them in their wok including The Language Menu, Brainscape, Canvas, Visual Thesaurus, Vocab Grabber, Livebinders, Word Art, Wix, Kahoot, Google Forms, Quizizz, Teacher Made, BBC Teaching English

Finally, the participants learned how to teach English without books using props and how to use creative drama as a tool in order to teach all skills in language learning.

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