The LEADEXT project began in Poland

The first meeting if the LEADEXT project was organised in Radom, Poland at the 7th and 8th of April 2022. The kick-off meeting was hosted by the Radom Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the participation of partners from Poland, Denmark and Greece.

The city of Radom, around 100 klm from Warsaw is known for its history and its tradition in metalurgy. Many important metalurgic companies are concentrated in the region and we had the chance to visit, Azz, one of the most important of them, and discuss their strategy for recruitment and development of employees in the welding industry.

The aim of the LEADEXT project is to train specialists working in Vocational Education in order to develop the relations between VET and the enterprises.

Free Online Seminar on narrative methods for the improvement of social inclusion in the classroom

Improvement of the social inclusion in the classroom through three narration methods: Drama in Education, Creative Narration of Fairy Tales and Digital Storytelling

18 January- 2 February 2022 online (zoom)

In the framework of the Erasmus+ DIVERSE project, we invite you to participate in an online seminar addressing teachers of primary and secondary school.

In this seminar we are going to examine how three narration methods: Drama in Education, Creative Narration of Fairy Tales and Digital Storytelling can be used in order to improve social inclusion and diversity management in the classroom.

The seminar has a total duration of 30 hours from which 18 are going to be made in a synchronous way (via zoom) while the remaining 12 in an asynchronous way.


Training for English Language Teachers in Athens

In the framework of the ASSESS project, from the 14th till the 16th of December, there was organised in Athens a training for English language teachers related with new methods for assessment and teaching of English as a foreign language. The training took place in “Stratos Vassilikos” hotel and involved around 20 people from 5 countries (Greece, Germany, Turkey, Spain and Portugal).


New Toolkit for the development of your soft skills

If you are a young person and you are interested to develop your soft skills, then you can try out our new Toolkit that was developed in the framework of the Understanding My Journey project.
The Toolkit is mainly intended for young people who are already involved in some kind of activity or project, such as study, youth volunteering projects, work experience or employability training. By trying out techniques, you can increase your level of the skills and gain in self-confidence.
The Toolkit includes practical guidance for developing 8 different soft skills together with overall advice on how to use each soft skill section. The 8 soft skills are as follows: Positive Attitude, Communication, Adaptability, Time & Energy Management, Work Ethic, Problem Solving & Analytical Thinking, Teamwork, Leadership. it is available in 6 languages (English, Greek, Italian, Croatian, Polish and Portuguese).
You can download it here

Beginning of the “Change the Change” project from Sofia

Climate change became a ‘hot’ topic: Action Synergy cooperates with organisations in Bulgaria, Germany and Italy in the framework of the Erasmus+ project “Change the Change” in order to raise awareness on the topic to disadvantaged adult learners. The kick-off meeting of the project was organised on the 18th and 19th of January in Sofia in the premises of HESED, the Bulgarian partner organisation.