SEEVAL Project meeting in Malta

The University of Malta organized the 4th project meeting in Malta from October 6-7, 2022.  Project officers and teachers from the participating partners from Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Romania, and Austria discussed topics ranging from impact assessment to dissemination activities as well as to organizational issues on the final conference in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in November 2022. Moreover, the next steps and activities for the last couple of months were discussed.


Fashioration in Albania

Fashion and inspiration! Looking back to the fashion traditions of the Balkans in order to create modern fashion designs. These are the main topics of the Fashioration project which celebrated at the beginning of October its second transnational training workshop in Tirana, Albania.

Young fashion designers from 5 different Balkan countries (Greece, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Montenegro) came together in the capital of Albania and shared their knowledge and expertise on fashion creation. In workshops, they have created their own fashion items.


Free Online Seminar on narrative methods for the improvement of social inclusion in the classroom

Improvement of the social inclusion in the classroom through three narration methods: Drama in Education, Creative Narration of Fairy Tales and Digital Storytelling

18 January- 2 February 2022 online (zoom)

In the framework of the Erasmus+ DIVERSE project, we invite you to participate in an online seminar addressing teachers of primary and secondary school.

In this seminar we are going to examine how three narration methods: Drama in Education, Creative Narration of Fairy Tales and Digital Storytelling can be used in order to improve social inclusion and diversity management in the classroom.

The seminar has a total duration of 30 hours from which 18 are going to be made in a synchronous way (via zoom) while the remaining 12 in an asynchronous way.


Two handbooks for the assessment of speaking and writing skills in EFL

In the framework of the ASSESS project, Action Synergy, through our collaboration with Stelios Xintaras, English Teacher-Translator-Cambridge Speaking Examiner, dip RSA-MA, has developed two handbooks aiming to facilitate English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers to construct assessment scales to evaluating speaking and writing skills of the students. The handbooks suggest specific evaluation criteria and give specific examples of rubrics that can be used in order to evaluate these skills. The handbooks focus on A1 and A2 level. Here, you can download the handbook for the speaking skills and here the handbook for the writing skills.