How you can use cinema for educational purposes? How you can create a small movie when you study in an Art School? Action Synergy in cooperation with the Cultural Association of Fortetsa, has organised two seminars in the beautiful building of Old Hamam in Fortetsa, Iraklion Crete.

The first seminar was organised in the evening of Friday with the participation of teachers from primary and secondary education. The main subject of the training course was the “Use of Cinema as an Education Tool” and examined different ways that cinema can be used in education.

The second day, the seminar was addressed to young people from the Art School of Heraklion but also young people more generally. The main aim of the seminar was to allow young people to express themselves through the use of cinema.

Both seminars were organised in the framework of the project Cinematopedia. Through this project, we have tried to use cinema as a tool in order to enhance local cultural life and social inclusion in several communities throughout Europe, including the community of Fortetsa in Heraklion.