EAPPREN meeting in Cyprus

eappren cyprus group photo
The EAPPREN project partners met this week for their second transnational project team meeting to plan the development process and curriculum for a training programme which focuses on building capacity amongst Intermediary Organisations to take an active role in promoting and supporting high quality Apprenticeships in the partner countries and beyond.

Training in Good Practices related with social inclusion

The yMIND project which is coordinated by Action Synergy organized its second transnational meeting between 9th and 12th of May 2017 in Sofia. Hosted by the Bulgarian partner Health and Social Develoment Foundation (HESED) the meeting marked a milestone in the preparation for testing of the selected two good-practice models aiming to improve social inclusion of young disadvantaged learners through education.

Sophie Piyi Syka (StartUpcycling – Berlin)

When i found out about the StartUpcycling project i got really excited! I spent a lot of hours of a Sunday morning to fill up the application. After that, I was praying for a positive response from the Action Synergy team. Finally, after some days I got the happy news. Officially, I would be one of the 25+ people, from 7 different countries, gathering for the first time in Berlin in order to StartUpcycling!