Five days full of culture and tradition in Athens for AESOP

Organisations from 4 countries and 3 continents have gathered in the framework of the AESOP project in Topos Allou theatre in Athens between 11 and 15 February 2019 in order to share their own oral traditions and discuss how these could be used by young people in their countries in order to support local development.

The participants coming from Greece, Spain, Vietnam and Brazil have discussed about oral tradition and storytelling and have made performances on the basis of their own traditions. Specific attention was provided to the importance and the potential of intangible cultural heritage for local development and youth empowerment.


New project on Digital Citizenship sponsored by Google



Action Synergy visited on the 6th of February 2019 the offices of Google in Brussels in order to participate in the kick-off meeting of the project Young Digital Leaders. The project, financed by Google, is aiming to promote digital citizenship, media literacy and critical thinking about the digital world in schools. It is aiming to educate young children on issues related with hate speech, cyberbullying, internet addiction, internet threats as well as other issues related with our digital life. The project is going to organise workshops in schools, workshops with parents as well as teacher training sessions. Action Synergy is going to coordinate its implementation in Greece during spring 2019.