Young Digital Leaders: Workshops in Schools


The Young Digital Leaders project has organised student workshops in four different schools in Greece. The aim of the workshops were to train the students to become more active digital citizens. More specifically, the workshops aimed to empower the children to identify fake news, echo chambers and filter bubbles, to recognise and counter stereotypes and hate speech online, to recognise their rights and obbligations online, to learn how they can deliver an online message in the most effective way and to take positive action for the improvement of their local community.

YDL: Organisation of Teacher and Parent Training Workshops in Mytilene


The last teacher training workshop organised in the framework of the Young Digital Leaders project was organised in Mytilene, in the island of Lesvos. The training was organised on the 8th of June and it was hosted by KEKAPEL, the vocational training centre of the North Aegean Region in Lesvos. During the seminar, teachers from Lesvos had the chance to discuss issues related with digital citizenship, fake news, online sterotypes, rights and obbligations in the internet etc.


Training of Parents of the area of Dionysos for the Young Digital Leaders project


A parent training workshop with the title “Building the Education of the Active Digital Citizen” was realised in the framework of the Young Digital Leaders project on Tuesday 4th of June in the Cultural Centre of Aghios Stafanos in cooperation with the headteachers of the Municipality of Dionysos, the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Education and the Centre for the Prevention of Addictions, DIEXODOS.