Katerina Rovithi (AGRO – Cameroon)

katerina cameroon
Participating in the 2nd transnational meeting of AGRO project in Buea – Cameroon (2-6 February 2016) was a valuable experience to me in several ways.
As an agronomist, I am being active in the Mediterranean region, where climate conditions are known to be particularly unique, due to the fact that many different climate factors interact in these areas – northern cold air currents, Sahara winds, even though Atlantic ocean’s currents. Through the last 5 years climate change is a fact in these climate-sensitive regions and concerns are raised in the professionals of the agricultural sector about the viability of traditional Mediterranean crops. We regard that unique Mediterranean crops will need time to adopt to the new climate conditions, which are unpredictable and changing really fast. On the other hand, the market is changing rapidly and demands accessibility in a wide variety of agricultural products in affordable prices.