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My experience in the StartUpcycling project can be described as an unexpected and unique chance to be involved in an inspiring field, with well-informed participants coming from around the world, for a remarkable purpose.

The program’s subject was reflecting modern-times and social problems through a motivational point of view due to the multiple attachments in society, environment and in creativity in arts and in entrepreneurship, with a fresh look.
The mosaic of participants was an additional source of inspiration for me because of the different background of each other. I appreciated the level of their awareness, creativity, innovation, communication skills, sharpness and industriousness.
As far as what concerns the hosts, the program was enough days to cover the wide spectrum of Upcycling. The schedule was well-structured and was including several daily activities, which had a positive effect to create a friendly mood between participants, to gain knowledge about the field and to work finally as a group.
markos 2As far as what concerns Action Synergy, I’m totally satisfied not only by the technical details about the travel and the program (which were flawless), but also, I’m grateful for the fact that Action Synergy gave me the opportunity, by being part of this project, to explore a creative field, which I’m willing to get involved in different ways, such as in my daily life, in arts, and possible in entrepreneurship.
Markos Styliadis

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