When i found out about the StartUpcycling project i got really excited! I spent a lot of hours of a Sunday morning to fill up the application. After that, I was praying for a positive response from the Action Synergy team. Finally, after some days I got the happy news. Officially, I would be one of the 25+ people, from 7 different countries, gathering for the first time in Berlin in order to StartUpcycling!
Everyone had an impressing background to share, presenting their organization, their job and activities, of course using several upcycling techniques I was delighted to listen. The Starkmacher was the German organization who coordinated the project. Other organizations who participated were: Wasteless and Upcycling Studio Auroville from India, Onda Carioca from Brazil, Fundacja Laja from Poland, Seed from South Africa,  Puntozero from Italy and Action Synergy from Greece.
During our stay in Berlin we tried to focus on setting our main goal, exploring the differences between countries and the approaching activities of our target groups. Also, we visited some local initiatives who use upcycling methods, such us Trial & Error, Material Mafia, Upcycling Deluxe and Kunststoffe. To realize better the German reality of waste and recycling management we visited the Federal Ministry and the recycling center of Berlin’s city.
By the end of the meeting in Berlin we organized the actions we need to work on in order to develop an e-book about upcycling and global waste situation and an e-learning platform showing how anyone can use upcycling in everyday living but also as a job opportunity.
sophie-2It was a great experience for me to meet people who have the same thoughts about what waste is and what it could be. Having the energy and the passion to share awareness and educate the world. I am very grateful I had this opportunity and I hope this project will be the start of something very big.
Now, I’m looking forward to our next meeting in India, until then StartUpcycling!
Sophie Piyi Syka

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