This week we were in Janków Przygodzki in Poland for the 4th transnational meeting of EIRENE. This project aims to improve the ability of the school education system to react to the bullying phenomenon and to involve the main actors that rotate around the school system in tackling this negative behaviour at an educational level.
Therefore, our specific objective is to create a methodology to update teachers’ competencies by offering them a set of specific laboratories (based on the Applied Theatre). Furthermore the project aims at actively involing the local communities (parents, associations, institutions etc.).
In this meeting, Action Synergy, who is responsible for delivering the Community Engagement methodology, did a workshop based on the Young Digital Leaders methodology. This is a Europe-wide pilot project, sponsored by Google, that aims to empower young people through digital citizenship, critical thinking and media literacy skills, beyond the classroom, so that they can grow up safe, responsible digital leaders.
We are going to include this methodology to the POL methodology which was part of our project yMIND. We will do that in order to address the online aspect of communication. Because a large amount of the bullying occuring in schools happens on the internet. So, creating an online communnication pedagogy is very important.
Next stop? Training week in Derry, Ireland!