eirene cover
Eirene is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership in School Education project which aims to improve the ability of the school education system to react to the bullying phenomenon and to involve the main actors that rotate around the school system in tackling this negative behaviour at an educational level.
Therefore, the specific objective of the project, is creating methodology to update teachers’ competencies by offering them a set of specific laboratories (based on the Applied Theatre), as a specific tool to tackle bullying. Furthermore the project aims at actively involve the local communities (parents, associations, Institutions etc.). The goal is to create an active and participated web to tackle bullying efficiently. Lastly the projects aims at offering teachers and students, some basic strategies on the use of audio/video programs to design brief awareness campaign on bullying negative effects.
The project is going to develop a Methodology to tackle Bullying in the Educational Field and an e-learning course on the design and production of small social media campaigns.
The project is coordinated by Istituto Magistrale Statale Giordano Bruno and Action Synergy is participating as a partner.