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Last week we were in Örkelljunga, Sweeden for the second training of the project SAFER PLACES HOPEFUL REFUGEES. A project that aims to develop the capacities of organisations working with refugees through an exchange of best practices within the transnational short joint staff training events and the transnational project meetings. We were hosted by our Swedish partner IFALL.

The main term of the whole training was integration. In order for the partnership to gain knowledge on the subject, the week involved presentations by local representatives, interactive activities and visits to centers working and hosting refugees.
The partners exchanged best practices from their countries (Greece, Turkey, Sweden, Germany, Italy) and also discussed the needs of the refugees and the people working with them. We were lucky enough to hear from people working for and with IFALL about the resilience theory and the film project developed in Örkelljunga, about the program developed to help the women, about the importance of volunteerism and about social inclusion via sport activities among other things.
Photo Gallery from the training in Örkelljunga

SPHR in Örkelljunga

The visits we did included SFI – a center were immigrants can do for free Swedish language lessons, the refugee center in Örkelljunga where we also did an interactive sensitization session focusing on drama techniques and the Sports Center where IFALL hosts sport activities to achieve integration and social inclusion.
The final day of our stay we visited Open Skåne in Malmö to see in person another example of an organisation that works in a non-formal way with people from various different backgrounds.
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