Participate in CULTVET’s Joint Qualification Course: Application Deadline: 10th October

In the framework of the European project Erasmus+ “Joint Qualification in the field of Cultural Tourism (CULTVET)”, we are looking for participants in a specialised transnational joint qualification course on the theme of cultural tourism.

The main of the course is to develop the skills of professionals in the field of cultural tourism and empower them to plan, promote, implement and evaluate events based on cultural tourism. The course is addressed to:

  • Students
  • professionals working in the field of hospitality and tourism, cultural tourism, culture, history and archaeology
  • tour guides
  • anyone interested in exercising entrepreneurial activity in the cultural tourism sector

The students should have at least an intermediate knowledge of English. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the course is going to be organised entirely online. Application are open to people from every European country but the positions are strictly limited (50).

The duration of the course is 200 hours of synchronous online sessions as well as 300 hours of guaranteed practical training in an enterprise or organization active in the field of cultural tourism. The practical training could be online, face-to-face and/or blended, based on the preferences of the students, the particularities of each country and availability.

The courses are going to be organised in English and are going to last from 19th of October 2020 until the 26th of February 2021. The online synchronous sessions are going to be organised through zoom during the evening hours 4 times per week for the above-mentioned period.

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The curriculum of the CULTVET Joint Qualification is built around the following competencies

  • Understanding the concept of cultural and heritage tourism and its value
  • Interfacing with customers and managing customers experience
  • Project Management for cultural tourism experiences
  • ICT and Technology for Cultural Tourism
  • Marketing and communication

You can click here in order to see the whole curriculum.

The benefits from joining the course are multiple:

  • The Joint Qualification is offered completely for free only for the current Academic Year. A fee is going to be necessary for the next editions of the course
  • The students that will complete successfully the course will be able to be officially certified as “Experts in Cultural Tourism”. The certification scheme that has been developed by ACTA – Aristotle Certification – Training and Assessment  is according to the requirements of of ELOT EN ISO / IEC 17024 and has been accredited by ESYD, the legally competent body, which means that the certification process is done impartially and documented adequacy while at the same time making the certificate recognized and accepted internationally.
  • The students that will complete successfully the course will receive a professional qualification jointly developed by 4 VET organisations from 4 Mediterranean European countries: Nuevas Profesiones from Spain, Istituto d’Istruzione Superiore “Luigi Einaudi” from Italy, Eurosuccess from Cyprus and the Vocational Training Centre of Lesvos Regional Unit in Greece (KEKAPEL)
  • The course is specialized and focuses exclusively in the field of cultural tourism
  • The course is international and provides the opportunity for networking at a European level