Tourism seminar in Ghana with the participation of young people from Greece, Italy, Romania and Capo Verde. This title was so attractive that I couldn’t resist – and I didn’t want either! – to the chance of participating. When I received the amazing news that I got approved to join this project, it was really the beginning of the amazing experience that I will never forget.
Young people interacting and exchanging ideas, opinions, experiences and creative ways of cooperation and improvement in the tourism field was a very educational approach in which I found myself getting involved with a great interest. Under the multicultural umbrella, we shared our know-how and suggestions for the improvement of our organization / place / country as far as tourism is concerned.
minaBy visiting universities, villages, the Cape Coast Castle, a coconut plantation, by learning about the traditional “batik” cloth painting art, by enjoying wonderful moments before, during and after our schedule, we came closer to the local culture, every day life and people and created bonds for a lifetime in a personal and professional level.
Thank you Action Synergy for your support all this time (especially when I was crazily stressed out for almost everything!) and for giving me the opportunity to participate in this unique and valuable experience. It was the beginning and I hope to join you in another project very soon!
Mina Sidiropoulou for Action Synergy (October 2016)

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