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The vocational education systems of Europe are moving steadily from a school-based system towards a work-based learning system which is considered more efficient and more able to equip the youth with job-relevant skills.

Apprenticeships have a major role to play in this process, however, especially in the countries of Southern and Eastern Europe, this concept is neither enough developed nor well organized. Action Synergy plays an important role in the development of the concept in the region. It is coordinating the project Capacity Building for Intermediary Organisations through e-learning (EAPPREN) which is aiming at the development of the capacity of organisations which can stand in the middle between VET and enterprises and can support either sides to get involved in the apprenticeship process. The project is developing e-learning courses for staff of intermediary organisations in order to develop their skills for the support of apprenticeships as well as of SME mentors or of SME representatives that want to engage in apprenticeships. Action Synergy is also a member of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships the main European body for the promotion of the concept of apprenticeships in Europe.
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