DIGINILOGS is an Erasmus+ Cooperatiοn Partnership project which aims to analyse the needs of the logistics sector in digital skills and offer VET teachers, trainers and employed people an online training focused on the digitization of the sector.

In this framework the project is developing an online course in the field of digitalisation in logistics which is going to include 4 different modules:

  1. Company Management: Digital Transformation and Strategy, Composable Company, Sustainable Networks 2, Supply Chain disruptions
  2. Physical Internet: Definition and topics, Horizontal Collaboration, Systems & Technologies for Interconnected Logistics, Global supply network coordination and collaboration
  3. Supply Chain digitalization: New era products. No-code technologies, IT for interconnected logistics, ITaas., IT Systems for Urban logistics
  4. Analytics. Global, Manufacturing and Logistics KPIs: Big Data . All data are our data, Data Management, BI Tools, Kpis. Definition and design

At the end of the project, it is expected to achieve higher qualification of the teaching staff, which can be translated into an improvement in their professional and personal skills. Being aware of the latest trends in regard to logistics, especially digitalization, the teaching staff, apart from a higher level of self-motivation, achieves a higher qualification of the students, which helps to address the problem of lack of qualified talent that the productive sector demands. 

The project is managed by the Spanish National Agency and is coordinated by the Spanish organisation CIFPA. Together with Action Synergy, the project is implemented also by AFT Transport & Logistique from France and INYCOM from Spain.