The final conference of the M-LEARN project took place in Management Centre Europe in Brussels on Tuesday, 15th of March 2016. Partners and teachers from all countries involved were present: UK, Italy, Greece, Romania and Netherlands.

The M-LEARN project is a Comenius project that aims to support the use of handheld technology in the school education.
The conference started with the introduction by TITAN and was followed by Mr. Don Passey from the University of Lancaster who presented the findings of the M-LEARN research in the partner countries.
After that, the director of Bloemcampschool, Mr. Andre de Best and Italian teachers from FMD presented case studies from the implementation they did in their schools.
Photo Gallery from the M-LEARN final conference
M-LEARN final conference
The case studies were followed by the e-learning platform demonstration of Action Synergy. During the presentation, Dominikos spoke about the value that an e-learning platform has in such educational projects, presented the material created during the last 3 years and did a live streaming with Bloemcampschool to hear the opinion of students there.
The e-learning presentation ended with the speech of Mrs. Konstantina Paschou, teacher at the 4th EPAL in Athens who spoke about the use of the e-learning platform during the implementation period in Greece and her experience within the M-LEARN project.
After the presentations, Mr. Robin Babbage (Hamstead Hall Academy) and Mr. Mugur Mocofan (CPIP) did M-LEARN workshops that highlighted the educational value of using pedagogically mobile devices during the learning process. The students of the 4th EPAL from Greece had a chance to see the workshops through a live streaming.
The conference came to an end with a dissemination event where the participants had a chance to discuss with the partners and see an exhibition of the M-LEARN activities.
For more information on the M-LEARN project continue here.

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